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Types of Coffee: Espresso and Short Macchiato

Short Macchiato, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Cortado, Affogato, Flat White, Americano; coffee comes in all shapes and sizes. This piece focuses on Short Macchiato and Espresso.


The Espresso, also known as short black, is basically the foundation of all espresso-based drinks, and arguably the most important of all espresso coffees. It is so important that we could not resist including a video link on how to perfectly prepare an espresso shot. 

This type of coffee is made using a Cappuccino machine. Hot water is passed through 18 grams of ground coffee, for a few seconds, usually 25 to 30. It should not take too long to make the drink, as the result could be a bitter tasting drink. There is no better way to serve the drink than pouring it in a specialized espresso mug or glass.

Short Macchiato

This type of coffee is like espresso coffee, but it differs from the latter in that, it contains a dollop of milk (steamed) and foam. Some coffee shops and baristas may prepare Short Macchiato differently but adding a small amount of the dollop to espresso is the traditional way of making this drink. The purpose of adding steamed milk is to remove the edge from the espresso.

Short Macchiato is best prepared in such a way that it has three different layers: a light foam layer, a middle espresso-milk mixture layer, and a dark espresso layer. The drink is served in an espresso cup or a short glass.



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